Why We Wanted to Study Tourism and Travel in New Zealand


So, what sparked out thought you might ask. Well…

Did you know that New Zealand was named the best country by the Telegraph publication in the UK last year? This marks the fourth consecutive time this honor has been awarded to the country. New Zealand has amazing scenery, beautiful nature, and incredible adventures.

We think that these are enough reasons to convince us that studying tourism in New Zealand might be a good idea.

Thriving industry

New Zealand hosted a staggering 3.1 million tourists in 2015. This number is expected to rise to 4.9million by 2023, according to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. According to the Tourism Satellite Account 2016, New Zealand’s tourism sector is the country’s biggest earner of foreign currency and directly employs 7.5% of its workforce. The government is determined to increase the market share of New Zealand’s highly competitive global tourism sector. This will lead to increased demand for tourism professionals and travel.

This industry is huge and graduates have many career options in New Zealand and around the globe. The hospitality industry is a subset within the travel and tourism sector. It includes hotels, resorts, and other tourist attractions. You can also work as an airline pilot, which allows you to travel the world while on the job. Do you enjoy thrill-seeking? We sure do! You can work as an organiser or operator of adventure tours. Are you tired of the idea that you are always in an office? You can escape the monotony of office life by working on a cruise liner or as a tour guide. There are many options.

New Zealand has some amazing study programs

Students can experience the New Zealand Tourism College firsthand. Students can play tourist in the college’s program to better understand New Zealand and how to market it.

Many, such as the Eastern Institute of Technology have strong ties with industry partners that allow students to gain valuable experience in a workplace environment. Auckland University of Technology also offers a Bachelor of International Tourism Management that includes an industry placement during the final semester.

The University of Waikato and Victoria Univeristy also offer a tourism degree. The University of Otago is one of the most important centres for tourism research in Asia-Pacific. It offers a Bachelor of Commerce (Tourist Business) and its graduates have been known to be successful in finding employment in the country as well as internationally in a variety of tourism businesses. New Zealand universities also offer postgraduate programs in tourism.

New Zealand love tourists

If you want to make money while studying in New Zealand, then this is the perfect place for it. You can study and work at once without any hassle from immigration or other officials because of how international student-friendly they are with their policies. Plus, there’s plenty going on outside class hours too. Many jobs available in tour operations which provide excellent pay as well if interested; but remember that locals typically don’t need much coaching when visiting these attractions. But once you have finished your studies.

You can return home to start your career, or you could stay in the country and work there. Every country has a tourist industry, and they are always looking for people to join them. A degree in tourism from New Zealand is a great option, as it’s a large industry. New Zealand is one of the many places in the world that has diverse scenery and environments and a whole eco-system that thrives on the tourism industry.

Everyone wants to visit New Zealand

It’s both exciting and interesting to work in the global tourism and travel industry. Interacting with people from all walks and locations of the world allows you to make new friends. Many international students travel to New Zealand to study or work. You’ll make new friends and have the opportunity to meet people who can help you advance your career. New Zealand has something to offer everyone and from thrill seekers to corporate executives it has an environment where you can work hard and advance your career and play hard and enjoy adventures on the downtime. What a beautiful country.